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Should the weight of fashion models be policed?
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Industries can set BMI standards for models

Industries to set BMI standards to keep models physically and psychologically safe. This can prevent eating disorders and other physical illnesses.
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The Argument

There have been instances of fashion models developing eating disorders, with their BMI falling far below the healthy national standard.[1] There are two famous cases of models passing away due to complications of anorexia nervosa.[2] There have been instances of low BMIs associated with eating disorders, heart failure, memory loss, and osteoporosis. If BMI levels were regulated, it would be less likely that models would develop severe eating disorders and physical abnormalities.[3]

Counter arguments

Lower BMIs do not automatically indicate an eating disorder such as anorexia nervosa or bulimia. Lower BMIs can be genetic or due to a fast metabolism. Some people claim that models eat as much as they want, but because they have a higher metabolism they burn through calories faster. This should not disqualify them from being a model since they are technically healthy. According to a study, only about 40% of models have an eating disorder - the rest are simply naturally thin.[4]


[P1] Models often develop eating disorders due to industry beauty standards. [P2] Setting a BMI standard will help fashion models keep a physically and emotionally healthy lifestyle.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Models can have a low BMI because of genetics and still be healthy.


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