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Is our gender determined by nature or nurture?
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Innatism is the notion that the human mind is equipped with certain hereditary ideas or knowledge at the point of birth
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Innatism is a philosophy made famous by philosophers such as Plato and Descartes and is the claim of an instinctual, unlearned knowledge base which influences behavior. The Innatism philosophy extends to gender identity in society, claiming biological gender plays an active role in shaping personality. A belief in Innatism is often tied to a belief in religious values.

The Argument

Different genders are born with innate behavioral differences. These differences aid the differing and specific roles which genders are biologically designed for within society. Christians who hold traditional views believe that men and women are created equal in the sight of God. They believe that whilst being equally important, they are also created to be different with different roles in society and the Christian church.

Counter arguments

Forming evidence for specific innate knowledge, completely devoid from socialization is incredibly difficult, especially for a characteristic as defining as lgender. Gender is not universal, in that different genders play varying roles across different cultures, with many cultures recognizing more than two genders in society.


All humans are born with innate knowledge; Differing genders play differing roles in society; Innate gender specific knowledge exists due to the differing of roles in society.

Rejecting the premises

Gender is not universal; different genders play varying roles across different cultures, so innate gender roles cannot exist.


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