Is our gender determined by nature or nurture?

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus, so the saying goes. But are the behavioural differences between men and women the result of social and cultural conventions? Or are our gender-specific behaviours driven by biological factors?

Gender is determined by biological factors

This position holds that biological factors play a role in determining gender identity


Innatism is the notion that the human mind is equipped with certain hereditary ideas or knowledge at the point of birth

Gender differences caused by evolution

This argument suggests gender roles have been crafted through the process of evolution,

Biological theory

Biological factors such as neurological and hormonal differences may affect gender identity and behavior

Gender is a social construct

This position holds that gender roles are are created exclusively through societal and cultural influences

'Tabula Rasa' - Humans are a blank slate at birth

All humans are born as a blank slate, therefore all behaviors are the result of a learnt experience

Non-binary genders exist in all cultures

The existence of more than two distinct genders among various cultures is an argument for their social construction

Gender is determined by both nature and nurture

This position suggests both nature and nurture play a key role in the development of gender

Biosocial Theory of Gender

Gender is impacted by both socialization, and biological sex
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