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What happened to MH17?
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu orchestrated the MH17 crash

This theory, spawning from Iranian media states that the Israeli prime minister shot down MH17 in order to distract the world from Israel's actions in Gaza.
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The Argument

rAn Iranian commentator argued that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would have gained the most out of the crash of MH17 because it occured at the same time as israeli conflicts with Palestinians in Gaza. According to James Henry Fetzer, a former professor of the philosophy of science and conspiracy theorist, the Prime Minister of Israel directed the president of Ukraine to target the passenger plane and assisted Ukraine in shooting it down[1]. It is believed that Israel assisted in shooting down MH17 by flying an F-15E plane out of Azerbaijan to join the Ukrainian fighter jet[2]. The motive for the israeli prime minister to take down MH17 would be to draw worldwide attention away from the conflict taking place in Gaza at the time. Fetzer has also proposed that Israel was responsible for the MH370 disappearance that had happened a few years prior. Fetzer speculates that Israel hid the plane, gave it new identification numbers, and flew it over Ukraine[3].

Counter arguments

Aside from claims that this theory is deeply anti-Semitic, there is also no genuine evidence to support this theory, it is entirely circumstantial. There is no evidence of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ever having communication with the president of Ukraine about shooting down MH17. Furthermore, there is evidence disproving that MH17 was shot down by any type of planes, the Dutch led investigation revealed that it was taken down by a Buk missile[4].



Rejecting the premises


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