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What happened to MH17?
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MH17 was shot down by a Ukrainian Buk missile

Although the Dutch investigation revealed that MH17 was shot down by a Russian Buk missile, many believe that a Ukrainian Buk missile is actually responsible for the crash.

The Argument

In 2015, Almaz-Antey, a Russian weapons manufacturer, held a press conference stating that the Buk SAM missile involved in taking down MH17 wasn’t being used by Russia at the time, but was being used by Ukraine. Almaz-Antey also claimed that the missile launch site was in Ukrainian held territory at the time[1]. Russian media also released satellite photos displaying that one of Ukraines Buk missile launchers was not at their military base on the day of the crash[2].

Counter arguments

Many of the claims made by those who believe that a Ukrainian Buk missile fired on MH17 can be refuted. For instance, both of Almaz-Antey's claims can be contradicted as the launch site that they claimed was Ukrainian held was actually Russian held at the time. Also, A picture of Russia's president, Vladimir Putin was taken less than a year before the crash of Putin infront of the same Buk SAM missile that Almaz-Antey claimed Russia no longer used[3]. Also, the satellite images of the missing Buk missile was proven to be fake as multiple other satellite images from other companies have come out showing the Ukrainian Buk to be at the base on the day of the crash[2].



Rejecting the premises


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