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Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for race relations?
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Joe Biden has a history of constructive engagement with minority groups

As senator and vice president, Joe Biden has worked with minority community leaders and has been endorsed by leading minority politicians. Biden served as vice president to Barack Obama and nominated Kamala Harris as his vice presidential candidate.
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The Argument

Joe Biden’s choice of Kamala Harris as his running mate would see her become the first Black and Asian American woman to hold the vice presidential office, if they are successful in the election. Biden has also fostered a long-term relationship with the Black community having served as vice president under Obama and advocating for civil rights legislation.[1] Biden has also received the endorsement of influential Black congressman Jim Clyburn of South Carolina.[2] Biden has also been endorsed by Voto Latino and Emgage PAC, which represent Latino and Muslim voters respectively.[3] Biden’s campaign staff is also diverse - 46% of full time staff are of colour.[2] His history of working successfully with people of colour shows that Biden is committed to establishing racial equality and improving race relations. With Harris as his vice, Biden will repair race relations in the US.

Counter arguments

Biden’s engagement with minority groups is symbolic and just for show - he has shown that he takes the support of communities of colour for granted and has not acted in their interests in the past. What is important is not endorsements or sharing a platform but results and tangible change; Biden is yet to deliver on this.



Rejecting the premises


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