Will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for race relations?

Racial tensions have existed in the United States for centuries. 2020 has seen unprecedented protests under the Black Lives Matter banner and race has been the centre of clashes between protesters, militias and the police. With tensions so high, will Donald Trump or Joe Biden be better for race relations?

Donald Trump will be better for race relations

Donald Trump in his first term has improved the economic and social status of racial minorities in America. He will restore peace to American cities and create jobs, easing tensions.

Donald Trump has improved and will continue to improve the social and economic status of minority groups

In his first term as president, Trump created jobs, introduced criminal justice and tax reforms that benefitted minority groups. He will implement further similar measures if elected for a second term.

Donald Trump is the law and order candidate and will end the violence in American cities

Trump is willing to take whatever steps are necessary to stop the violent clashes in American cities that are driven by racial tensions. With the clashes ending, racial tensions will subside.

Joe Biden has a poor track record on race relations

In his senate career, Biden has taken a number of problematic stances on race issues, such as busing, and pushed for legislation that has disproportionately affected minority groups. More recently, he has taken the support of racial minorities for granted.

Joe Biden will be better for race relations

Joe Biden has announced a range of measures to reduce racial inequalities and will work collaboratively with minority community leaders. Biden will repair the damage caused by Trump's provocative and offensive approach to race relations.

Donald Trump is a racist and promotes racist conspiracy theories

Donald Trump stoked racial tensions by refusing to strongly condemn white supremacists or police brutality. He is vocally opposed to immigration and restricted borders with Central American and predominantly Muslim nations. He also spread 'birther' conspiracies about Barack Obama and Kamala Harris.

Joe Biden has proposed reforms that will reduce racial inequalities and discrimination

Joe Biden has pledged to invest in minority communities and businesses, and will introduce measures that will improve the economic status of low-income Americans. Biden's criminal justice and immigration proposals will also address the root causes of racial inequalities.

Donald Trump does not want to improve race relations

Donald Trump is unwilling to address the causes of racial tensions and has taken steps to ban anti-racism training that raises awareness of white privilege and systemic racism. Following the Black Lives Matter protests, these ideas need to be widely accepted if race relations are to improve.

Joe Biden has a history of constructive engagement with minority groups

As senator and vice president, Joe Biden has worked with minority community leaders and has been endorsed by leading minority politicians. Biden served as vice president to Barack Obama and nominated Kamala Harris as his vice presidential candidate.
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