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Is eating dog meat immoral?
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Livestock like pigs and cows are just as intelligent and loving as dogs

Many cite dogs' intelligence and empathy as reasons against eating them. However, many reports have shown that other livestock animals like pigs and cows are just as advanced.

The Argument

While many argue that dogs shouldn't be considered viable livestock due to their apparent intelligence[1] and empathy[2], there have been numerous studies suggesting that traditional livestock animals also have these qualities to the same extent to dogs, if not greater. For example, pigs are usually classed as being between the 6th[3] and 4th[4] most intelligent animals, while dogs are usually not even listed in the top 10.

Counter arguments

The intelligence of an animal is unimportant in determining whether or not it can be eaten.



[P1] Dog meat is another source of food that's sustainable.

Rejecting the premises

[PR1] Dogs are carnivorous creatures, meaning there is a higher composition of chemicals in their body due to their diet, also putting them at higher risk for diseases.


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