Is eating dog meat immoral?

The consumption of dog meat is legal in most countries and is notably part of Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Swiss, and Nigerian cuisine. However, dog meat is heavily tabooed in Europe and the Americas. In recent years, animal activist groups have fought for the practice to be banned on moral grounds.

No, eating dog meat is not immoral

For some, dog meat is just another food source, potentially with cultural and religious connotations surrounding consumption. The notion that eating dog meat is immoral stems from a Western cultural viewpoint. Imposing this on cultures where there is no moral wrong-doing, typically in Eastern countries, upholds cultural superiority.

Eating meat is normal for the human diet, even dog meat

Dog meat is and has been a sustainable food source for many people. While during times of famine dogs were and still are seen as food. The preference for dog meat has decreased since then, but for places where it's still popular to consume dogs, it’s no different than raising cows or pigs for food.

Dog meat is a traditional and cultural food with religious connotations

Dog meat is a traditional and religious food in some cultures much like sacramental bread is for Christianity. It's commonly eaten in Eastern countries like Vietnam and Ghana. In some places their consumption is believed to bring good luck and have medicinal purposes.

The practice of eating dog meat often originates from famine

Dog meat as a food source is usually an idea and action that comes into existence during times of famine. Dogs were both guardians for livestock and emergency food sources when food started to get scarce. While western culture dislikes the idea of it its still a popular food in eastern countries.

Yes, eating dog meat is immoral

Since being domesticated, dogs have been integral parts of human life. They are our companions and deserve care and compassion. The production of dog meat is often unethical, and eating it can be unsafe for humans. Given the origin of COVID-19, there is a need for better hygiene standards in food manufacturing now more than ever.

As pet culture increases, the consumption of dog meat becomes tabooed

Dogs have had a long history of being man's best friend. People have an emotional attachment to their pets and consider them family. Not only that, but dogs are also partners with officers, fire fighters, and even act as therapy assistants.

People have an emotional attachment to their pets and consider them family

As pet culture increases the consumption of dog meat decreases. Dogs are the most popular pet to own in the world and while this popularity only continues to grow, so do the negative feelings towards the idea of eating meat from animal breeds people consider companions, friends, and even family.

The harvesting of dog meat results in abuse

The reports of abuse towards dogs in eastern countries mostly revolve around kidnappings of pets for their consumption along with their maltreatment before slaughter.

Eating dog meat is no more immoral than eating other livestock

Dogs are just another livestock animal that are similar to pigs in how they are raised for their meat.

Eating dogs is only considered immoral from a Western viewpoint

The idea of eating dog meat has been used to further racism against East Asian people for decades. Brought into existence during famine it’s something the western world constantly criticizes, looking down on both the religious reasons behind it and the tradition it holds.

Livestock like pigs and cows are just as intelligent and loving as dogs

Many cite dogs' intelligence and empathy as reasons against eating them. However, many reports have shown that other livestock animals like pigs and cows are just as advanced.

Yes, eating any animal is immoral

All creatures are sentient and deserving of life.

Meat should not be considered a sustainable food source.

Many animals meant for consumption are treated inhumanely and raised in poor conditions due to the high demand. Removing meat from our diets would help end the extreme supply and demand cycle that these products have.

All animals deserve to live

All livestock animals, including dogs, are equally deserving of human empathy. There is no reason why eating dogs should be considered immoral while eating other animals is not.
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