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Should you go vegan?
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Meat has a place in Culture and Tradition

Many traditional cuisines include meat as an integral element. Historically, meat has been an integral part of feasting in many cultures. Going vegan would remove mean from these cultural traditions, changing them forever. You can limit meat consumption but still keep a cultural and traditional space for it.
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The Argument

Meat is an integral part of many cultural/religious festivals, holidays and other rituals. Not eating meat is more than just a sacrifice of the palate.[1] It is important to people for reasons of tradition and cultural integrity. Most religions, including Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and Judaism, have specific (often meat-based) foods that hold specific symbolic or spiritual value (as well as restrictions on some meats or how the meat is cooked/prepared).[2]

Counter arguments

Cultures and religions continually evolve over time. Now that we know about the negative repercussions of eating meat we should reform our traditions for the better.


[P1] The practice of eating animal products is important for many religious or cultural groups. [P2] This needs to be respected and left alone.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] We do not have to leave these customs alone. They are capable of changing with the times.


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