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What are the themes of The Great Gatsby?
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The Great Gatsby is about Nick Carraway exploring his sexuality

Throughout the novel, Nick was involved in suggestive scenes with both men and women but did not have a lasting romantic relationship with anyone. This serves as a nod to his journey in exploring his sexuality.
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The Argument

In The Great Gatsby, Nick Carraway struggles with building a relationship with Jordan Baker. He is consistently nervous and uncomfortable in her presence and often does not know what to say.[1] While at a party in New York City, Nick goes off with Mr. McKee, eventually ending up in his bedroom. Readers are left to infer on their own, but it is obvious the two men had a sexual encounter.[2] Readers are able to see Nick struggle with his sexuality throughout the entire novel. This is proven by his awkward relationship with Jordan Baker, as well as the scene in Mr. McKee's bedroom.

Counter arguments

There is no concrete proof that Nick Carraway is struggling with his sexuality. His relationship with Jordan Baker ended due to how shy and quiet he is. In the scene with Mr. McKee, he never explicitly states what happens, so readers cannot draw conclusions.



[P1] Nick Carraway is nervous around women. [P2] Nick Carraway was in Mr. McKee's bedroom. [P3] Nick Carraway is struggling with his sexuality.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Nick Carraway is not nervous around his cousin, Daisy Buchanan.


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