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What is the best way to study?
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Be organized

Having all materials and your workspace environment organized is the best way to study.

The Argument

Getting organized is the most important method of study. Without organization, studying is ineffective at best and fruitless at worst. The steps to getting organized include dedicating a clean, quiet space for study. In this dedicated space, students should gather their materials, categorize them, and keep them in this space (if possible) or always have them on hand. Going over one's schedule and allotting specific time slots to studying nurtures good, stable study habits.[1] Maintenance of said study space and materials is also vital, so one must clean and declutter at least once a week.[2] Gathering and organizing materials is a must. Among the most vital materials in one's arsenal should be a notebook, color-coded flash cards, sticky tabs, pens/pencils/highlighters, blank paper, and a stapler; not to mention anything else one might need for specific classes, such as textbooks, rulers, protractors, etc.[3]

Counter arguments

Being organized is indeed important to study, but it is only a part of the studying process. There are other, equally important methods of study, such as using audio-visual aids, forming study groups, reviewing all notes after each class, etc. Whichever method is "most important" is up to the individual student.



[P1] Being organized is the best way to study.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1} While being organized is important, it is not the only study method out there, nor is it the "most" important.


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