What is the best way to study?

In today's fast-paced learning environment, students must develop effective study methods to help them succeed. What works for one person may not work for another. People learn in a multitude of ways, and can learn both in the long- and short-term. So, is one way of studying more efficient than the rest?

Long-term study skills

Being organized, reviewing notes after class, and completing all assignments over the course of the school year is the most effective study method.

Be organized

Having all materials and your workspace environment organized is the best way to study.

Review notes after class

The best method of study is to take copious notes and review them after each class.

Complete all assignments

Completing every assignment over the course of the entire school year is the best method of study.

Short-term study skills

Using visual and audio aids, cramming, and forming study groups are among the best short-term solutions for studying.

Use visual and audio aids

Visual and audio aids are the most valuable tools for study.


Cramming the night before a test is the most effective way to study.

Form study groups

Forming short-term study groups before big tests is the best way to study.

There is no best study method

Every student learns differently, so each individual must find or create their own unique study methods which work best for them.

Every student learns differently

Every student learns differently, so each individual must come up with their own study methods which resonate with their unique needs and learning styles.
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