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Was Persephone kidnapped?
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Perspehone willingly joined Hades

Some interpretations suggest that Hades gave Persephone the chance to either stay and rule with him in the Underworld or to leave and go back with her mother if she desired. She went with him by choice.

The Argument

In a lot of modern translations of the myth, Persephone went with Hades on the terms of love. If she went with him for reasons relating to love, then it was not kidnapping as it was her choice. One source states that, "In the pre-Hellenic transmission of Persephone’s myth, during a time when the Goddess religions were believed to rein supreme, Persephone descended into the underworld willingly"[1]. She chose to go down into the Underworld to help others, and ended up with Hades. She also chose to eat the pomegranate seeds, which she knew would seal her fate in the Underworld. She very carefully ate six seeds, which forced her to come back for six months out of the year. That's not kidnapping. Persephone knew exactly what she was doing.

Counter arguments

More of the myths state that Persephone was, in fact, kidnapped. Relying on one source is not a good way to determine something such as this, especially when it involves myth.



[P1] Persephone chose to go to the Underworld. [P2] Persephone was not kidnapped.

Rejecting the premises


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