Was Persephone kidnapped?

Persephone, wife to Hades, daughter of Demeter and Zeus. The myth of Persephone says that she was kidnapped by Hades and that she is allowed to visit her mother Demeter for six months out of the year...or does it? Was Persephone kidnapped, or did she go willingly?

Persephone was kidnapped

Persephone was forced into the Underworld.

Hades forced marriage upon Persephone

Hades caught Persephone off guard and dragged her down into the Underworld with him only to starve her until she was forced to eat the food he gave her. She did not choose to go or stay with him.

Hades tricked Persphone

She did not intend to seal her fate with pomegranate seeds.

Persphone was not kidnapped

It was of her own free will.

Perspehone willingly joined Hades

Some interpretations suggest that Hades gave Persephone the chance to either stay and rule with him in the Underworld or to leave and go back with her mother if she desired. She went with him by choice.

Persephone chose to eat the fruit

Everyone knew that eating anything from Hades would tie them to the Underworld, including Persephone. Her own choice to eat the fruit sealed her fate.
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