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Who is Prince Philip?
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Prince Philip is a caring grandfather

Prince Philip shows his dedication to his family through his grandchildren.
Monarchy Prince Philip


Prince Philip is the wife of Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of England. The public has wondered for decades who this man really is. This argument is important because Prince Philip will die soon, and it's good to be able to truly know a public figure, if only for the annals of history.

The Argument

Prince Philip is beloved by all of his grandchildren. Fulfilling any family role well can make one a family man. Since Prince Philip is such a good grandfather, he is a family man. Prince William and Princess Eugenie, just two of his grandchildren, have publicly professed their adoration for him. One of the reasons people think he is such a beloved grandfather is that he took the time to bond individually with each of his grandchildren. [1] This clearly exhibits his dedication to family. For a specific example of when Prince Philip acted as a caring grandfather, look at the weeks following Princess Diana’s death. Prince Philip took her two teenaged sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, into his home. (They are his grandchildren.) He even managed to convince Prince William to walk in the funeral procession of his mother when he didn’t want to. [2] Based on this information, it is clear that Prince Philip is a dedicated family man.

Counter arguments

Being beloved by your grandchildren doesn’t make you a family man. He could easily have won their favor with gifts. Furthermore, since the royals have to maintain a façade of propriety for the public, his grandchildren’s public statements don’t prove anything. They could easily be lies. We don’t have a clear idea of what Prince Philip is like in his family roles because we don’t get to see the private side of the royals’ lives. Although there is currently no evidence to refute that he is a caring grandfather, the absence of evidence does not mean none exists.



Rejecting the premises


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