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How do we think about the George Floyd murder?
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George Floyd's murder exposed rampant capitalism and a broken society

This is a class issue. For too long American social and political organisation has been built on a single uniting value: the pursuit of wealth at any cost. This has trickled down into every cell of social life, breeding inequality, deprivation and unrest. It has redefined the American state by exclusion and marginalisation; those at the bottom are characterised by their subordination. This is now felt in healthcare, welfare, agency - and the way they are treated within society. The riots are just one element of its collapse and the fight for a more just society, and realignment of American values. The riots are as Professor Cornell West describes it, a call for "what we need is a nonviolent revolutionary project of full-scale democratic sharing — power, wealth, resources, respect, organizing — and a fundamental transformation of this American Empire." Proponents include West and Fox anchor Tucker Carlson.
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