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Why do we fetishize serial killers?
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Rush of danger with serial killers

Danger gives people an adrenaline rush. Some people love it when they are on roller coasters, on a plane, or go through a haunted house.

The Argument

Serial killers are dangerous people. But some people love danger. The love of dangerous situations is fueled by hormones. One of the hormones, dopamine, is released when someone is stressed. It creates a feeling of pleasure in the brain. Dopamine is released when riding a roller coaster,[1] which is why some people like riding roller coasters. When someone dates a toxic romantic interest, dopamine is also released.[2] The people who enjoy the dopamine high want more toxic relationships.

Counter arguments

Danger isn't something to want to be around. Lions are dangerous, so people stay away from them. Storms are dangerous, so people evacuate their homes. Serial killers are also dangerous and should be arrested. Although dopamine makes someone feel good in dangerous situations, wisdom should be used so they don’t get hurt.



[P1] Dopamine makes danger desirable. [P2] Serial killers are dangerous.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Danger can still hurt people. Dopamine shouldn’t rive someone to get themselves in trouble.


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