Why do we fetishize serial killers?

Serial killers are dangerous criminals that have caused a lot of pain and fear. Because of their killing habits, they easily become the bad guy in television shows and movies. “Silence of the Lambs” and “Criminal Minds” are good examples of entertainment that uses criminals for entertainment. Despite their horrible reputations in real life, people fall in love with serial killers and get enjoyment out of their unnatural lifestyles. Why would people find happiness in someone who has killed people?

Serial killers are human

Before becoming criminals, serial killers live typical lives. Even when they kill people, they have jobs, families, and live among the general public. When they are caught, people are often surprised that they were criminals.

Serial killers' pasts cause people to empathize with them

Serial killers often have bad pasts or childhoods. Because they have had hard lives, people feel sorry for them.

Serial killers live like regular people

People can’t spot a serial killer off the street. Serial killers often live normal lives among people.

People like taboo ideas

Fetishes are sexual attractions that aren’t usually accepted or considered illegal if performed. The idea of enjoying something that isn’t approved has been an idea since the Bible’s story of Adam and Eve. Out of curiosity, people are attracted to these things.

The “Bad Boy” Attraction to serial killers

Bad boys are attractive. They live outside of society’s rules and do whatever they want. Because they are so cool, people can’t help but admire them.

Rush of danger with serial killers

Danger gives people an adrenaline rush. Some people love it when they are on roller coasters, on a plane, or go through a haunted house.

People don’t know why serial killers kill

Because serial killers are usually in movies or TV shows, people don’t know a lot about them. Because of their ignorance, the public just sees criminals as characters. There’s never an inquiry as to why they harm people.

Serial killers' mental illness

Mental illness has been the cause of antisocial or aggressive behavior for years. As people become more aware of them, there are more treatments. The same goes for serial killers.
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