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Should men wear skirts?
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Skirts on men would emasculate them

Whatever the history of the skirt is, it would be considered overly feminine and emasculating for a man to wear a skirt.
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The Argument

Since the mid-twentieth century, there has been a concerted effort by the feminist movement to feminize men. For hundreds of years, men have worn some variation of a suit, and women have even said that they find men more attractive in suits.[1] This style leaves plenty of room for self-expression, and there is no reason for men to start wearing skirts or dresses or any other feminine accessories. Men should be allowed to be men, and men wear trousers, shirts, shorts, and jackets. There is nothing wrong or limiting about men and women wearing different types of clothing, and gendering clothing has been around since the beginning of human history. Men have evolved to display status and physical strength, and this is evident in their clothing choices. Just because a man does not want to wear a skirt or a dress does not make a misogynist, as many narratives would have you believe. Let men be men.[2]

Counter arguments

The entire aim of the feminist movement has been to dismantle patriarchal structures in our society; structures that also negatively affect men and their ability to live as fully emotionally-aware and free human beings. The goal of feminism is not to create a genderless society, but to work towards a world where each individual person is free to express themselves, gender included, however they wish. When men, even just one, feel that they cannot make certain clothing choices for fear of being ridiculed or accosted by others, that is a problem. There is no difference whatsoever between a kilt and a pleated skirt aside from assembly besides the social perception. No one is forcing men to wear skirts. The goal is that men should be able to wear them if they choose to, as women choose to wear what they'd like. [3][4]



Rejecting the premises


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