Should men wear skirts?

While certain skirt styles like the kilt have been around for centuries, it is still fairly uncommon to see men wearing skirts publicly. This could be due to potential social ridicule or just a personal preference.

Men should wear skirts

There's no logical reason why a man cannot wear a skirt if he chooses to.

Men wearing skirts is not a new concept

There is a long history of men throughout several cultures wearing either skirts or dress-like clothing and it has never been perceived as strange.

Men in skirts would help chip away at toxic masculinity

If more men chose to wear clothing that was considered feminine, it would help to undo certain toxic ideas about masculinity in our society.

Men should not wear skirts

Skirts are made for women and men should stick to clothing designed for the male body.

Skirts on men would emasculate them

Whatever the history of the skirt is, it would be considered overly feminine and emasculating for a man to wear a skirt.
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