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Does the subconscious mind create reality?
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Thoughts have the power to change reality

Our thoughts have the power to affect our behaviour. The physical acts, for the most part, make up our lives. If we alter the first thing in the chain, that is our thoughts, then life and reality as we know it is sure to change too.

The Argument

The human mind is a powerful tool that harbours much potential. There is a strong link between what you think, the emotions you experience and how you act, as the first two significantly influence behaviour. [1] First, there are thoughts, and when we think that these thoughts are true they become beliefs. The beliefs that form and hold greatly shape who you are and the type of life you live. For instance, an individual who believes that they are a failure, are likely to fixate on their mistakes and take these mistakes as evidence that reinforces their belief. This is predominantly due to how the brain selectively filters information. Once the brain becomes accustomed to some recalling and confirming some belief, it fixated upon evidence in support of it as opposed to assessing opposing evidence. [2] That said, just as self-deprecating beliefs can have a tangible impact, so can uplifting beliefs. For this reason, Psychotherapist Amy Morris believes it is possible to adopt a more positive outlook on life by adopting uplifting beliefs and thus change your reality. Positive attitudes in which you experience pleasant emotions can encourage productive behaviour. This would give rise to beliefs that encourage an individual to celebrate their successes and have the self-esteem to reach their potential. The individual who thought he was a failure Ultimately, a change in attitude creates a better reality. What we believe impacts how we act which in turn affects how our life goes.

Counter arguments

There is doubt concerning whether thoughts create reality. Action must be taken by the individual in order to see the thoughts become reality. How can we conclude that thoughts create reality when the realisation of physical acts is equally a driving force behind creating your reality?



Rejecting the premises


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