Does the subconscious mind create reality?

The relationship between mind and body has been widely explored. The question of how, if at all, our inner world affects the physical realm is not one which has been paid an overwhelming amount of academic attention, yet is nonetheless intriguing.

Yes, the subconscious mind creates reality

Life as we know it is dependent upon our inner world. Our beliefs, intentions and thoughts are continuously influencing and shaping our present moments.

Thoughts have the power to change reality

Our thoughts have the power to affect our behaviour. The physical acts, for the most part, make up our lives. If we alter the first thing in the chain, that is our thoughts, then life and reality as we know it is sure to change too.

Scientific studies have shown how thoughts can impact one’s physical state

The beliefs that we hold and the emotions that we experience have been shown to affect and shape our physical state and consequently, our reality.

No, the subconscious mind doesn’t create reality

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