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Do childhood experiences determine our adult personalities?
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Trauma can make people develop certain personality traits

Childhood experiences could be emotional, psychological, physical, cultural or even sexual. Childhood experiences play a significant role in shaping our personalities as adults in the way we behave, think, feel, act, associate and many other ways.
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Trauma is a huge factor when shaping one's personality. When it comes to childhood experiences, they can affect a person well into adulthood.[1] For instance, a child who was unable to interact with other kids or locked up during their childhood can portray antisocial behaviors when they are an adult. Children who never experienced love from their parents and other family members can depict irresponsible behaviors in adulthood, as they are unable to express the same feelings. A child who experienced a physically and emotionally understanding relationship with a parent(s) and other siblings can express their feelings in a relaxed and positive way. On the other hand, physically and emotionally abusive and hostile family experiences can elicit personality disorders and psychological trauma that can affect the personality into adulthood.

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[P1] Trauma can affect the way personality develops into adulthood.

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