Do childhood experiences determine our adult personalities?

Do our experiences shape who we are? Are the memories we keep from these experiences more important than the experiences themselves? Many scholars believe our experiences do shape who we are and that memories of those experiences are equally as important. Some scholars, however, believe that there is a core identity each individual has that is unchanging and the very root of one’s existence.

Yes, childhood experiences shape our personalities

For better or worse, every adult lived through some sort of trauma their childhood. More often than not, the quality of one's childhood impacts one's adult life in terms of relationships, mental health, and how one sees the world.

Forced gender roles

How we are treated as children, in regards to our gender assigned at birth, shapes our personality and how we view the world.

Trauma can make people develop certain personality traits

Childhood experiences could be emotional, psychological, physical, cultural or even sexual. Childhood experiences play a significant role in shaping our personalities as adults in the way we behave, think, feel, act, associate and many other ways.

No, childhood experiences don’t shape our personalities

Genes influence the personality you are born with. This can include your temperament, which helps to determine how you react to situations and how easy-going you are. Genetics, of course, also determines how someone looks. As humans, we all make judgements and our actions follow those judgements.

There is a “core” in all of us

Many people believe there is a core “you” and as you explore life, you acquire memories, beliefs, and experiences. These memories, experiences, and beliefs are a part of who you are, but just a part; the core “you” is eternal.

Experiences don’t shape our personalities, our bodies do

There is a concept known as facultative personality calibration (FPC). This is the idea that our personalities develop in a way that best suits the other genetic cards we’ve been dealt, including our size, strength, and attractiveness.
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