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Has Trump transformed what it means to be Presidential?
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Trump has defined leadership as being strong

Trump's refusal to compromise and strong stances on issues are the reason his supporters like him. But being presidential sometimes means listening to experts and advice.
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Trump "telling it how it is" is what his supporters like about him. They see his uncensored way of speaking as relatable. Despite this, being a leader used to mean collaborating with other nations. Putting America first is all well and good, but when it comes at the expense of our allies, it may do more harm than good. Trump's brand of leadership has been compared to that of Putin, Erdogan or Xi[1]. This is because they all share the same tendencies to vilify those they disagree with. They discredit their opponents while touting a rhetoric of nationalism and present themselves as the last line of defence against an evil only they can fight. Does this sound familiar? Trump's promises to drain the swamp and strengthen American borders do exactly this.

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