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Has Trump transformed what it means to be Presidential?
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Trump makes racism seem more acceptable

Trump's policies have disproportionally affected ethnic minorities. His speeches and accusations towards these demographics are accepted by his supporters.
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From Trump’s Muslim ban to his border wall with Mexico, many of Trump’s policies specifically target minorities. In 2017, Trump signed an executive order banning people from 6 Muslim-majority nations from coming to the US. The ban was controversial from the start and was criticised nationally and internationally. He argued this was a ‘national security measure’, yet has given little evidence to back why it was necessary[1]. Many of Trump’s supporters agreed with the ban and agree with his views on immigration. This is also the case with his calls for building a wall along the Mexico border. Trump’s rhetoric is problematic because it validates racism and xenophobia. Most immigrants are hard-working people who are looking for a new start in life. But Trump and his policies increasingly marginalise it. Or what is worse, as the leader of the country, his behaviour influences people’s opinions. Trump makes it acceptable for others to speak in the same way he does and discriminate against people according to religious belief or ethnicity. Under the guise of not succumbing to political correctness, Trump touts racist and problematic views which sow discord in America.

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