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How accurate are claims that the US election is rigged?
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Trump’s criticisms of the integrity of the 2020 US election are due to his fear of losing

Claims that the US election is rigged are not accurate at all. The Trump administration is scared of losing the 2020 presidential election and therefore are bringing the integrity of the election into question.
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The Argument

Trump’s rhetoric surrounding the integrity of the upcoming US presidential election is related to his worries about losing to Biden. As he lags behind Biden in public opinion polls, people are increasingly worried that Trump may undermine the election results if he loses by claiming that it was rigged.

Counter arguments

Any discussion about Trump's unwillingness to accept defeat (or potentially leave office) is baseless and a conspiracy. It is also hypocritical given that Democrats Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams both openly questioned their own election results.[1]



Rejecting the premises


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