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Should the drinking age be 18?
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Underage drinking is not a priority for law enforcement

Law enforcement agencies have better things to do than spend their time and resources handling underage drinkers.
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The Argument

Police generally have little interest in underage drinking because it is a low-impact crime that would be too demanding on time and resources to pursue aggressively. The prevalence of underage drinking has no significant statistical association with rates of suicide or criminal activity by young adults, and the legal penalties for underage drinking are usually minimal. Consequently, police officers lack both the motive and the means to make combating underage drinking a priority. In the United States, only an estimated 0.2% of incidents of underage drinking result in an arrest.

Counter arguments



[P1] Prosecuting underage drinkers is not high priority for law enforcement. [P2] There is no need for a drinking age.

Rejecting the premises


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