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Will China Become the next Super Power?
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The United States will ban the export of cutting edge technologies

The US will closely guard its innovation, and prevent China from replicating emerging technologies. If China pioneers more tech with global consumer appeal, the US will simply ban the import of these products to an American audience.

The Argument

The United States will likely enter a new era of airtight intellectual property (IP). With China investing greatly in the development of their own technology, as well as replicating and creating their own versions of globally used products and services, the US will want to protect its own investments. Through non-disclosure agreements (NDAs) and data encryption, big tech in the US may be able to insulate themselves against prying eyes in China which is currently one of the worst perpetrators of international IP theft.[1] Additionally, if China develops a competitive product or technology, the US can limit or completely ban the import of these products. By doing so they will limit Chinese influence on their market, and likely persuade close allies to follow suit.

Counter arguments

The United States cannot exist in a vacuum insulated from Chinese influence. If China continues to develop its own IP and demonstrates efforts to limit IP theft from the US, it will be difficult to make a case for banning Chinese imports.[2] Additionally, some technologies, such as AI, will be difficult to ignore. Much like AI, it will be difficult to convince consumers that they shouldn't be interested in Chinese products. As evidenced by Huawei's 5G cellular networks, new tech can create a split between the closest of allies. The US decided to bad 5G networks from Huawei in the US, while the UK allowed both infrastructure and consumer goods from the Chinese company to be used, for now.[3]



[P1] The US will guard its intellectual property more closely, and prevent Chinese IP theft. [P2] The US will limit or ban the import of Chinese technologies that threaten US monopolies on certain products.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] China has recently cracked down on IP theft, which may make it difficult to accuse them of stealing ideas and tech. [Rejecting P2] Other major countries can still choose to import Chinese tech, leaving the US in an ideological vice that prevents it from also welcoming imports.


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