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Is social media being used to target the disenfranchised in swing states?
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Voter suppression is a myth

Social media is not being used to target the disenfranchised in swing states. Voter suppression is a myth designed to worry voters about the integrity of the US election.
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The Argument

It is easier than ever before to register to vote, and to vote in the US. The term "voter suppression" was made up to defame legal activities such as voter ID laws and suggest that they are illegal. The Democratic administration's concerns regarding voter suppression are manufactured by them, and then amplified by the press. Such concerns are invented to criticise the integrity of American presidential elections. Sore losers may use the term voter suppression to detract from their own loss and suggest that it could only have been caused by conspiracy.

Counter arguments

Voter suppression is a very real issue, particularly in light of the US 2020 elections. Agents are using various techniques involving the assimilation of disinformation to target certain disenfranchised groups of the population and intimidate them into not showing up to vote.


Rejecting the premises


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