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Is it ethical to stockpile groceries during the coronavirus crisis?
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Vulnerable people are more likely to stockpile due to anxiety

In the UK the elderly have expressed increasaed anxiety in regards to accessing essentials due to the coronavirus pandemic. Indeed, the number of people who report their well-being as affected due to this increased consistently with the age demographic in the UK. Does this mean we are to blame them as equally as we blame others for stockpiling? Should we not allow vulnerable people with a lack of access to stockpile for their own safety and peace of mind?


The Office for National Statistics released a report on how the Coronavirus pandemic impacted elderly citizens in the UK. While the elderly did not report their finances or well-being were considerably impacted, there was a significant correlation between age demographic and anxiety around accessing essentials.[1]

The Argument

Clearly, this anxiety in elderly people is caused by the widespread stockpiling happening in the UK. But this is exactly why we should not condemn stockpiling in all of its forms. If elderly and vulnerable people have limited access and opportunity to buy essentials, then shouldn't we condone their behavior?

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