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Is romantic love real?
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'Romantic love' is simply a mix of basic love and sexual attraction

Romantic love is not what makes love uniquely intimate, sexual love does. This differs from platonic love, which combines with sexual love to create intimate love.
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The Argument

There's no denying that love is involved in most relationships. That love, however, is no different than any other kind of love. The same emotional connection that you might feel for a best friend can also be felt for a romantic partner. The difference between a platonic relationship and a romantic relationship is not the kind of love between everyone involved; it's whether or not the two parties are sexually involved. Sex is what catapults a relationship to a different higher level of intimacy, thus allowing what could be a strictly platonic relationship to become romantic. The physical connection is what breaks down the walls of friendship and allows a romance to blossom.

Counter arguments

This leaves no room for asexual relationships. There are plenty of people who identify as asexual who have prosperous, long-term romantic relationships. Insinuating that sex is the true marker of a romantic relationship does not account for relationships where sex 1) has never been present or 2) has been been present.


Sexual desire does not equate to romantic love.

Rejecting the premises


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