Is romantic love real?

Romantic love is described as the feeling you get when you find someone whom you care for and you can't imagine a life without them. How is this different from any other kind of love? Why is it seen as the highest form of love for so many people?

Romantic love is real

Romantic love is one of the cornerstones of a functioning society.

Romantic love is unlike any other kind of love

Romantic love is felt distinctly and intensely. Its unique nature differentiates it from any other type of love, thus proving that it exists.

Romantic love is not real

There is no difference between a romantic partner and a friend for many people, so romantic love is not it's own entity rather than another form of platonic love.

Romantic love is not a key element for romance

Most people lose the will to conjure up romantic gestures early on in a relationship without ever making an effort to regain said will.

'Romantic love' is simply a mix of basic love and sexual attraction

Romantic love is not what makes love uniquely intimate, sexual love does. This differs from platonic love, which combines with sexual love to create intimate love.

Romantic love is real because we make it real

Romantic love is nothing more than a stronger form of basic love when stripped down to it's bare basics, but we assign more meaning to romantic relationships, thus making romantic love real.

Romance requires effort

Romance does not come naturally to most people, but many people still partake in romantic acts.
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