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Does the West still value human rights in light of its dismissal of Khashoggi's death?
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World powers unite with western countries to support global human rights

The United Nations is an organization made to bring peace to the world and prevent wars. The countries that are part of the UN are America, Canada, Saudi Arabia, and Japan. Western countries like the United Kingdom and Australia make regular contributions to the UN to make the world a better place.


The United Nations was established in 1945 after World War 2 to keep peace in the world and hopefully avoid war amongst nations. The west has made major contributions to upholding world peace and sustaining human rights since the United Nations was established. Saudi Arabia was one of the founders of the United Nations as well as a state of the UN. However, they have been under scrutiny because of their government’s use of power. After Khashoggi, a Saudi Arabian journalist for the New York Times, was murdered, the Saudi Arabian prince, Mohammad bin Salman, was accused of by the CIA to have ordered his assassination. The prince denied is involvement and instead claimed that 5 suspects were found. Instead, of investigating further, President Trump expressed satisfaction in suspects being held accountable, although the CIA disagreed. After the ordeal, people in the West have wondered if their countries overlook human rights for international relationships.

The Argument

The west (North America, Europe, and Australia) has been fighting for human rights for decades. During World War 2, America and Europe fought against the Axis powers to save Jewish people from genocide. To make sure a big war like World War 2 was prevented, major world powers from all over the globe joined to make the United Nations. The United Nations is an organization that includes countries such as Austria, the Bahamas, and Egypt. Western countries such as North America, several European countries, and Australia. They’ve gone into countries such as Iraq, Syria, and France to fight against terrorizing powers. They’ve also provided financial aid to countries like Uganda and Nigeria. The west has put in so much effort for human equality around the globe through the United Nations. They’ve helped stop World War 2 and current wars. America, France, and the United Kingdom have fought against ISIS and America fought against Osama bin Laden, a terrorist.[1] If the west didn’t believe in human rights, they would not be helping others.

Counter arguments

Western countries weren’t entirely helpful in World War 2. America didn’t join the war or consider Jewish holocaust victims till Japanese Axis forces bombed Pearl Harbor. Europe was pinned down and France was taken over. When America joined the fight, there was more firepower and numbers. But they also went overboard by using an atomic bomb on innocent civilians in Japan. The west takes too much credit for being part of the United Nations. The west believes that they were the first countries to incorporate total human rights. They believe all countries that aren’t westernized, need to be like them. Instead, the west has caused more problems within the United Nations than good. The west only focuses on helping countries that benefit their own countries. Instead of building autonomy for struggling countries, they make them dependent on money from outside help. The west isn’t for truly for human rights. They only help when it’s convenient for them or when it strokes their ego.



[P1] Western countries pushed back the Axis powers for the sake of Holocaust victims. [P2] The west has put in a lot of effort to bring human rights to so many different countries.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] America was not interested in fighting in World War 2 while Europe was struggling to keep the Axis powers from taking territory. [Rejecting P2] The west only helps countries that their allied with.


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