Who should be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee?

The Democrats are preparing to beat Donald Trump in the 2020 US Presidential election. While united by party, the contenders are divided on how they plan to take the US forward. So, who are the possible top candidates? What are their policies and what do they represent? And could they beat Donald Trump in an election?

Elizabeth Warren

What does Elizabeth Warren stand for? Warren's vision of structural change is what America needs.

Elizabeth Warren has "a plan for that".

Warren has a comprehensive plan for every area. She is the most consistently prepared and knowledgeable Democratic candidate, as illustrated by her comprehensive, well-organized policies and rich academic history.

Elizabeth Warren offers big, structural change

Warren has repeatedly called for "big, structural change," something that is necessary if America is going to progress.

Elizabeth Warren is our best bet for a woman President

Warren is the best performing woman in the polls and it is time for America to have a woman President.

Bernie Sanders

What does Bernie Sanders stand for? Sanders has become a progressive icon.

Bernie Sanders will introduce Medicare for All

Sanders was an original sponsor of Medicare for All, making it a foundational part of his campaign.

Bernie Sanders addresses climate change in the Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is one of the only proposed plans that scientists say aligns with what needs to be done to address Climate Change.

Bernie Sanders has inspired a movement

Sanders does not only represent himself, but a progressive movement that has been forming since his 2016 candidacy.

Joe Biden

What does Joe Biden stand for? Biden has years of experience that will enable him to be a great President.

Joe Biden offers "a return to normalcy"

Biden promises a return to the Obama era, a time many Democrats dearly miss in the age of Trump.

Joe Biden can reach across the aisle

Biden has the ability to implement bipartisan legislation, which is more likely to pass than sweeping bills.

Joe Biden offers the most experience

Biden has the most experience in elected office of any major candidate this century.

Pete Buttigieg

What does Pete Buttigieg stand for? Buttigieg is highly educated, a veteran, young and gay, representing a modern version of traditional American values.

Buttigieg represents a combination of the old and new

Pete Buttigieg is the youngest candidate. He represents new blood. Pete Buttigieg better represents the American public.

Pete Buttigieg is an excellent fundraiser

Buttigieg has proved he can court both small and large donors with great success.

Pete Buttigieg will get the rural vote.

Buttigieg understands the issues facing rural voters; he has successfully targeted the rural demographic and has an $80 billion plan in place to aid and improve these communities.

Amy Klobuchar

What does Amy Klobuchar stand for? Klobuchar can win back the Midwestern voters that caused Democrats to lose in 2016.

Amy Klobuchar can reclaim the Midwest

The 2016 election showed that the Democratic party is losing Midwestern voters. Klobuchar can change this.

Amy Klobuchar will tackle the opioid crisis and mental health

Klobuchar continually champions policies that will serve to curb America's drug epidemic and growing mental health issues.

Tom Steyer

What does Tom Steyer stand for? Steyer has the funds and resources to become the Democratic nominee.

Tom Steyer puts his money where his mouth is

Steyer has spent millions on Democratic candidates, fighting climate change and direct action against Trumps administration

Tom Steyer is a political outsider

Steyer is a political outsider. This resonates with voters.

Andrew Yang

What does Andrew Yang stand for? Yang's innovative Universal Basic Income policy is the push towards equality America needs.

Andrew Yang will introduce Universal Basic Income

Andrew Yang understands the coming technological disruption, and the need to rethink labor and income. He will address this by introducing Universal Basic Income (UBI).

Andrew Yang understands the importance of tech

Yang has considerable experience in the technology sector, and understands how important it is for the future of the economy.

Michael Bloomberg

What does Michael Bloomberg stand for? A successful business man, and former mayor of New York City,

Michael Bloomberg gives to positive causes

Bloomberg has given large amounts of money to gun control and climate change causes.

Michael Bloomberg has led America's largest city

Bloomberg was the Mayor of New York City, giving him the governing experience necessary for the President of the United States.
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