Are Holocaust comparisons OK?

Jewish and Romani people are in the position where a tragic event in their family history is used as many people's universal example of a genocide, or just evil in general for some. When is it appropriate to compare things to the Nazi's atrocities?

Holocaust comparisons are not okay

The Holocaust is a particular event of a magnitude, scale, and horror that makes comparison inappropriate.

Non Jews/Romani have no respect for linguistic debates about words relating to the Nazi atrocities

Tokenisation leads to the erasure of the Romani victims in society's understanding

Holocaust comparassons obscure the culture and attitudes that enabled it

Holocaust comparisons are appropriate only under specific conditions

There has to be specific ways you have to compare them

Holocaust comparisons should be part of a respectful and thorough analysis

The survivors and ancestors have licence to express themselves however they please

We must remember the Holocaust to avoid something similar happening in the future

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