Can plastic products be replaced with eco friendly options?

Plastic was invented in 1907 and since has become one of the most useful and versatile substances known to man. However, plastic has since contributed to the 269,000 tons currently in the ocean. As useful as it is, is there anything that can take its place as being versatile but also eco friendly?

Yes, plastic products can be replaced with eco friendly options

There's many substitute materials that mimic plastic and its versatility

Plastics been around since 1907 but discoveries and innovations didn't stop there. New materials are being created and with more focus on the health of the planet there's a higher importance placed on materials that can do what plastic does but still be eco friendly.

Plastic should be replaced for the planet's health

For as helpful as plastics been to bring humans further in their technological advancement it's starting to become a problem. The land, sky, and sea are all being hit hard by pollution and it's up to everyone to take initiative and start taking care of the environment.

Cellulose is a type of natural plastic extracted from wood, not oil

Cellulose is just one of the materials that's been discovered that can do the job plastic does. Being an organic product it has an easier time breaking down, which might not seem like a benefit, but is when plastic can last millions of years without decomposing.

No, plastic products can't be replaced with eco friendly options

There's no substance currently known that has the same versatility of plastic

Plastic has been a beloved substance due to its many uses and has a place in everyones lives, from their cars and phones to their take out and medical devices. Other substances come close but none have been able to do everything plastic can do.

Plastics are irreplaceable due to their vital uses in jobs like the medical field

In every job and every field, plastic has its uses, and its importance. While protecting the planet is important some jobs are just as vital. Plastic has a hand in taking care of and saving lives. A replacement can't just have versatility but needs to be able to stand up to the stress of these jobs.

Conversations about single use plastics rarely include the views of disabled people

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