How will coronavirus affect religion?

Lockdown makes no exceptions for belief. In March 2020 the now iconic image of Pope Francis praying to an empty St. Peter's Square hit the headlines. For the religious, it soon became emblematic of solidarity in isolation. Mass gatherings are now out. Places of worship, prayer groups, pilgrimages, weekly rituals and door-to-door evangelism have now been outlawed in many countries. It may be many months before Covid-19 ceases to be a threat. When it does, how will it have impacted religion?

It will strengthen religious beliefs

In times of crisis, faith is often the sole source of solace a person may have.

Faith is all people can believe in

The world is falling apart, and having faith might be the only thing to get people through.

It will weaken religious beliefs

As millions die, so will the belief that there is a higher power looking out for the pious.

Religious leaders are pushing bogus remedies

False cures promoted by religious leaders will lead to a lack of trust in religion.

Millions of deaths will destroy faith in God

The impact of the virus will devastate religious belief.

Religion will be blamed for its slow response to the virus

Despite government health warnings, many religions encouraged dangerous activity amongst followers.

It will create a vacuum for power struggles within religious orders

Religious leaders are human. And humans crave power.

A papal struggle within the Catholic Church

Rumours that Pope Benedict is conspiring against Pope Francis are everywhere.
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