What has coronavirus revealed about human psychology?

Studies since the COVID-19 outbreak have uncovered interesting revelations about human psychology. How is quarantine affecting mental health? Which groups are the most psychologically affected? Is the virus changing how our brains are wired?

Damaging mental health

Rampant uncertainty is negatively affecting those with existing mental health conditions.

The age of anxiety

Isolation is exacerbating underlying feelings of helplessness.

Sleepless nights

The panic is negatively impacting people's sleeping patterns.

First world privilege

Studies show that the wealthy are suffering psychologically more than the poor.


There are two clear responses in times of trouble. Your choice reflects how you view yourself within the wider world.

The individual comes first

As social cohesion becomes necessary to discontinue the spread of the virus, many people put their own needs above the greater good.

The group comes first

'Tend and befriend' - responding by building community networks to help those around you, shows an individual bases their identity on that of the group.
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