Are economic sanctions effective?

Economic sanctions are trade restrictions imposed on a country or group in an attempt to create economic pressure. This pressure may or may not incite behavioral change, typically political or economic in nature. Economic sanctions have long been used as a political tool between nations, but should they be used this way?

Yes, economic sanctions are effective

Hurting another country's economy is an effective and non-violent way to get them to re-evaluate their actions

Economic sanctions negatively impact targeted economies

Economic sanctions are designed to hurt targeted economies, and they are effective in doing so.

Economic sanctions are effective when there is strength in numbers

Economic sanctions that are enforced by a diverse group of countries are successful and effective.

No, economic sanctions are not effective

Economic sanctions rarely work as intended and can have unforeseen negative consequences.

Economic sanctions as objections are not effective

Economic sanctions are statements made by countries in objection to behavior. The sanctions themselves rarely have a meaningful impact on the behavior that they are objecting to.

Economic sanctions are unethical and not effective

The theory behind economic sanctions neglects to account for the fact that impoverished people are more easily affected than wealthy individuals.
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