Should foreign residents be eligible to vote?

People are become increasingly globally mobile, with foreign nationals accounting for ever higher population percentages in most nations on Earth. Should they be allowed to vote?

Yes, foreign residents should be able to vote

Foreigners should be allowe to take part in all ballots regardless of their type, local, regional or national (federal)

Expatriates have same duties as nationals

Foreign nationals have same duty as nationals and therefore should be given same rights

No, foreign residents should not be able to vote

Right to vote should be restricted to nationals

An alien resident might not have the necessary knowledge

An alient resident might not know enough of country language, customs, legislative system to cast a vote.

Foreign resident can apply for naturalisation

A foreign residents willing to vote can apply for becoming a national

Yes, but only in local elections

Foreign nationals should be allowed to vote only on local elections

Foreigners and local interest vs. national interests

Passive elegibility should be guaranteed

An alien resident should not only have the right to vote but also to be elected

Passive eligibility ensures representativity of minorities

By allowing non-residents the right to run as an electoral candidate, there will be further representation of minorities in the political system, as many alien residents represent marginalised groups.
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