What is God?

When people refer to god what do they mean exactly? Is it a super natural power? An energy? A substance? A spiritual father? Or some combination of the above?

God is the fundamental substance

When people refer to god they refer to a fundamental substance that underlies reality.

God is the underlying substance

Early modern philosophers often subscribe to the substance theory, which suggests that of all things there must be a source. This source must be able to exist without dependence on another entity. This source is God.

Theologians often argue for this formulation

This understanding of divinity is often argued for by religious institutions.

God is a thought form

When people refer to god they are referring to the accumulation of such belief

The powers held by religion are social

The powers held by organized religion relate to their socio-economic influence rather then to any supernatural power

God is a king

When people refer to god they understand it in anthropomorphic terms, a being who rules over humankind.

In common philosophy and religion, God is described as a king

God is most commonly associated with the figure of a king or father, given that the constructs of religion are to explain why society or people are situated where they are. When considering the structure of society as a hierarchy, God would sit above all, as God is all knowing and powerful.

God is Everything

God is the creation of everything; God is everything; God is time, God is eternity, God is life, love, birth, death.
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