Is a hotdog a sandwich?

The hotdog is a beloved meal that exists in many forms around the world, from Chicago dog, to the ballpark frank, the chilli dog, and on and on. A frankfurter placed within a bun with any variety of condiments in all sorts of combinations. But the question remains, is the hotdog a sandwich?

Yes, a hotdog is a sandwich

Bread with something in the middle? It's a sandwich.

A hot dog is an item between two pieces of bread

Meat and a bun/bread and a filling fit the two requirements for a sandwich.

Hotdogs have been sandwiches since their inception

In the US, hotdogs were first referred to as sandwiches. Since then, the hotdog has become a quintessential part of American food culture and its status as a sandwich must reflect that.

No, a hotdog is not a sandwich

A hot dog is like a sandwich, but should not be classified as such.

A sandwich requires two pieces of bread

By definition, a sandwich requires two pieces of bread to be present with some sort of food in the middle. A hotdog is only one piece of bread with food in the middle, so it cannot qualify as a sandwich.

Hotdogs exist in their own category on menus

Look at the "sandwich" section on menus - you won't find hotdogs.
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