How did Amelia Earhart die?

Amelia Earhart's disappearance and presumed death in the midst of her attempt to circumnavigate the globe by plane has long been an international interest. Many believe her plane crashed in Pacific and that she and her companion perished, but others believe in more unusual theories.

Amelia Earhart died when her plane crashed while searching for Howland Island

The most widely accepted theory relating to Earhart's death. It is understood that Earhart's plane ran out of fuel and subsequently crashed into the Pacific Ocean while searching for Howland Island. It is said to be a case of "poor planning, worse execution."

Amelia Earhart died searching for Howland Island

Earhart and her navigator Fred Noonan were searching for this tiny island. From their subsequent disappearance, it is obvious enough they did not succeed in finding the island.

Amelia Earhart made it to Gardner Island (Nikumaroro) and perished there or in surrounding waters.

The Gardner Island (Nikumaroro) hypothesis presumes that Earhart, an experienced aviator, would not have wasted time searching for Howland Island and would have turned southward instead.

Amelia Earhart survived the initial crash of her plane, made it to Gardner Island (Nikumaroro), then perished there

There is additional evidence that supports the idea that the passengers of the Elektra did not die upon impact near Gardner Island, or very soon after landing. Instead, there may be evidence that Earhart and Noonan survived on the island for some time as castaways.

Amelia Earhart died when her plane crashed near Gardner Island (Nikumaroro)

Earhart did not die near Howland Island, but instead towards the South near Gardner Island

Amelia Earhart was captured by the Japanese military

During the time of Earhart's flight, tensions in the Pacific, specifically those with Japan, were at an all-time high as World War II loomed.

Amelia Earhart was captured after crashing and executed by the Japanese military

Instead of crashing near Howland or Gardner Islands, Earhart and Noonan mistakenly navigated their way into the Japanese South Seas Mandate where they were captured.

Amelia Earhart assumed another identity and lived beyond her speculated 1937 death

There have been numerous rumors that Amelia Earhart, upon surviving, decided to escape her current life and adapting that of Irene Craigmile Bolam.
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