Does Esports have a legitimate claim to being a sport?

Esports is a video gaming competition played with spectators, typically by professional players. Like many games before it, such as chess, many have come to ask whether it can be classed as a 'sport'. Should the definition of 'sport' include Esports?

Yes, Esports has a legitimate claim at being a sport

Esports does fit definitions of sports and has already been classed as one in some circumstances. Esports should be classed as a legitimate sport.

Esports involves skill

One of the defining features of a 'sport' is that it involves skill. Esports, as with traditional sports, involves a significant amount of skill which is honed through many hours of training.

Esports is recognised as a sport in multiple countries

The United States, South Korea, and Poland are all countries which recognise Esports as a sport or sport-like. If governing bodies recognise it as a legitimate sport, then it must be true.

Classing Esports as a sport would benefit Esports athletes

Esports athletes train just as hard as traditional athletes

No, Esports does not have a legitimate claim at being a sport

Esports does not involve any of the features which typically define sports, and is therefore not a true sport.

Esports does not involve physical exertion or effort

The Oxford definition of 'sport' is "an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment." Esports does not fit this definition.

Esports does not offer the physical health benefits of traditional sports

Sports is thought of as a type of exercise and offers many physical health benefits. Many people consider it a vital part of their everyday health and wellbeing. However, Esports does not offer any of the same benefits that traditional sports do.

It does not matter if Esports is a sport

Whether Esports is or is not a sport, it should be respected as a valuable industry. This position is taken by many involved in Esports themselves.

Esports has benefits beyond traditional sports

There is no universal definition of 'sport'

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