Is Moby-Dick worth reading?

"Moby-Dick; Or, The Whale" is is often touted as one of the greatest novels of all time, or at the very least, one of the greatest American novels. "Moby-Dick" is thought to be both revolutionary in its scale and scope, while also being a celebration of literature's past. At the same time, the novel finds critics in its verbose and seemingly pointless meanderings on whales and whaling. Is "Moby-Dick" truly worth reading?

Yes, Moby-Dick is worth reading.

"Moby-Dick" is one of the greatest novels of all time in several respects.

Moby-Dick is contemporarily relevant philosophically

"Moby-Dick" is not simply a story. The novel contains countless and timeless reflections and criticisms on various philosophical concepts that extend far beyond the storyline. Melville explores the concept of knowledge, man's role in nature, free will, and much more in an incisive and meaningful manner.

Moby-Dick is incredibly well-written and redefined the construct of novels

The book itself is phenomenal in all ways. The prose is both beautiful and haunting. The story of Ahab and the whale is one of the most well known today. "Moby-Dick" pushed every known boundary of novels at the time. There is a reason why many call this the greatest American novel.

Moby-Dick is culturally significant in popular culture and the American canon of literature

The novel remains, more than one-hundred fifty years after its original publication, a hallmark of popular culture. The book itself has been referenced in countless TV shows, movies, and other books. Moby-Dick is an essential staple of popular literary culture.

No, Moby-Dick is not worth reading

"Moby-Dick" is pompous, boring, and often incomprehensible to the average reader.

Moby-Dick is incredibly and often unnecessarily verbose and puzzling

The actual text of this novel is incredibly difficult to read, much less understand. In addition to this, the book is rather long and the topic often boring. Many readers don't care for such specific whaling knowledge nor have the patience to read through babbling and complicated passages on the subject.

Moby-Dick is no longer relevant to modern readers

Moby Dick, written in 1851 by Herman Melville, is outdated not just because when it was written but because of its racial content that contributes little towards the development of morals and beliefs for the students reading this but because it lacks lessons meaningful in today's society.
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