Were the moon landings faked?

NASA sent six successful Apollo missions to the Moon. Twelve astronauts in total landed on the Moon's surface. Critics suggest that all missions were faked and no one has landed on the Moon. They say that related photos and videos were actually taken in a studio.

The Apollo missions were not faked

Critics can be dismissed, there are several evidence that proves NASA statement.

There is no possible way that the moon expeditions could have been faked

If you study the circumstances surrounding the moon landing, there is plausible evidence that it happened. Being a historical event, it was recorded and tested by scientists and historians.

Physical evidence supports that NASA sent people to the moon to explore

The astronauts brought lunar rocks back from their expedition which was verified by various agencies to not be of terrestrial origin. The astronauts also left physical evidence of their presence on the moon, which proves that the moon landing was real.

The Soviet Union would have denounced the fake

If the Soviet Union's space programs had any reason to believe that the landings were fake, they would have shared them.

The Apollo missions were faked

The Apollo programs were a carefully orchestrated plot.

Astronauts could not survive the trip

It is not possible that astronauts could have survived the trip

The photos are faked

The photos from the moon were actually shot inside a studio
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