Are there more than two genders?

Whether binary or a spectrum, innate or a construct, or soon to be irrelevant, gender is one of the most divisive questions on the world's lips. Are there more than two genders? What are the sides to the gender debate?

Yes, there are more than two genders

Gender expression is not exclusively male and female. There are many forms that reside on a spectrum. This spectrum offers tremendous freedom to transgender persons as well as to people born intersex.

Gender is a spectrum

Gender is not tied to biological sex, but rather is socially constructed and a form of personal expression.

Intersex individuals need alternatives

Persons born with partial or fully formed genitalia of both sexes fit neither here nor there in the gender binary. New classifications and pronouns will help them thrive.

Many societies have historically recognized more than two genders

Being nonbinary is not something new; there is great historical precedent for there being more than two genders. There have been many historic instances of people who are not male or female, so we should accept that there are more than two genders.

No, there are only two genders

While it can be socially influenced, gender has been shown to be biologically compelled. Even when raised the opposite sex, an individual will still find the urge to behave in line with their born gender. Transition surgeries and therapies are meant to bridge gender incongruity, but result in higher suicidality.

God's design

The story of the bible explains God's design when mankind was born as there being only man and woman. The stories that follow explain too that those confused about their identity have a challenge to overcome in life, as all do. But it can be overcome.

Gender correlates with sex, and there are only two sexes

There are only two genders because there are only two sexes. Special cases, such as intersex people, are a rare exception to the biological male and female sexes. The existence of rare exceptions does not invalidate there generally being only two sexes.

Allowing more than two genders would require too many changes to our society

Most societies have traditionally recognized men and women as the two genders. Changing this system would require drastic changes. It would be impossible for every institution to catch up to all of the changes that would be necessary to allow more than two genders.

People who do not conform to their gender roles are not a different gender

There are masculine women and feminine men. Just because these people do not embody their assigned gender role, that doesn't mean that they are not their assigned gender. People like masculine women and feminine men are not a third gender.

We should strive for a genderless world

Gender and gender roles in all capacities are a narrow perspective of the human experience that prevents people from reaching their full potential in life.


Society will ultimately progress to a point where gender is rendered moot and this will come about through the erosion of gender roles.

Gender is not the point

The trans movement is being weaponized by radical activists with a political and social agenda. Gender and identity are secondary to the end goal of coercing conformity and controlling free speech.

Requiring gender pronouns is an affront to free speech

The trans movement is being co-opted by radical activists with a political and social agenda.
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