Should college or university be free?

Most states in the world provide free primary and secondary education. This is uncontroversial as basic education is considered a necessity. Teritary education, however, is viewed as an expensive non-essential. Given a rapidly changing world, is it time to also consider a tertiary qualification a right which the state has to provide to citizens?

Yes, higher education is a right everyone is entitled to

Tertiary education is required for a decent life, thus the state has to provide this.

Everyone one has a right to the equal opportunities university provides

Tertiary education improves the employment prospects of individuals. Everyone is deserving of a well-paying job and the state has an obligation to ensure that everyone, not just the wealthy, has good career prospects.

The cost of university is too great a burden for young people to bear

Tertiary education fees are generally high and institutions often have annual price hikes. Many students take out loans to cover tuition and other costs. This leaves them indebted as they start their lives as young adults.

Tertiary education provides personal growth which everyone deserves

University gives young people the opportunity to grow in other ways which are not related to academics. It helps broaden their minds and gives them the skills they need to succeed in life.

Yes, higher education benefits the whole society

A more educated society is beneficial for the economy, which benefits everyone.

A highly educated population benefits the state economically

Tertiary education leads to a more skilled and productive workforce which has undeniable economic benefits. The state directly benefits from enhanced productivity as it causes economic growth.

No, tertiary education is not a necessity

The responsibility of the state is only to provide basic necessities. Tertiary education is a service which should be paid for by the user.

No, quality tertiary education is too costly for the state to afford

The cost of tertiary education is too high to expect the taxpayer to bear.
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